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Creepypasta x Reader: My Room (Lost Silver)
Nothing bad.
You started to walk through the corridor in the left and heard a noise behind you.
-Hey, wait!-The voice said. It was that girl again. She looked at you and the to the key in your hands.-What number is it?
-21.-you answered, looking at the keys.
-Oh.-her eyes widened.-Then you'll may need this.-she said,searching in her bag and throwing something at you.
It was a white and red colored ball, with a little button. You sighed and kept walking, looking the ball closely, and then remembered.
It was that ball from Pokemon series. The one you use to catch the pokemons.
Why would you keep that, anyway? Well, probably you'll just have to spend the night with some creepy gamer and go home in the morning. Nothing too bad.
Travelling through the long corridor, reading all the numbers of the doors, you found the room 21. The door was scratched, making strange symbols, and that didn't make you feel better. With shaky hands you inserted the key and opened the door, entering the ro
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Jeff The killer x Reader (Prize)
The chains recoiled around your body, rusting. This damn anchor.. is had been holding you down for years. The waves of the sea swooshed above you, and you blankly stared up at the cloudy sky. How long had you been underwater, wrapped up in an anchor? You had lost count. All you knew is that you were put down here for a reason;  they had wanted you to die. Aha! How did they not know that creepy pastas cannot die if they were not creepy pastas themselves? Morons. 
The day was boring. Well, most days were, but this one was just flat out plain. There were no fish swimming up to entertain you. There were no scuba divers you could scare away. There were no beachers and moronic teenagers looking for fun. It was just the cloudy day and a cranky sea. The after effect of the waves jostled you around underwater, making the chains dig into your skin painfully. Oh, Poseidon, for heaven's mercy please stop making the waves so rough! , you thought bitterly. 
Then, a painf
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Jeff The Killer x Reader - Can You Not {CHPT. 10}
After a couple hours of just laying around, the two of you heard something unexpected. 
"{F/N}!! I'm home, honey!" 

You bolted straight up, panic taking over your mind. Before you had a chance to react, however, you spun around to see Jeff gone and the window 
open. Pulling on a relieved yet slightly angered expression, you walked out of your room and to the front door, where you mother wait with her bags.
"Hi, mom. . welcome home. How was it?" You asked gingerly, hoping she wouldn't suspect anything out of place. She rolled her eyes childishly.
"Oh, god, it was horrible. I can't believe I was forced to sit through all those meaningless meetings!" Your mother slipped off her high heels, kicking them
to the side before waddling over to the couch to rest her aching feet. She let out a noise that sounded like a "blarrghh" .
You sat down next to her, turning on the news and watching the usual news about the killings. Your mother's eyebrows furro
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Jeff The Killer x Reader - Can You Not {CHPT. 9}

It was a typical Saturday afternoon, you lay lazily over the bean bag in the living room while playing Xbox. You grumbled when the zombies hit you, 
reloading as often and as quickly as you could so you could survive. Aiming your gun up to the boss mutant, you shot repeatedly only to get hammered 
down into the dirt and lose all your health.
Which meant you died, obviously.
Groaning for the millionth time, and already in a bad mood, you checked your phone for the time. You had never imagined yourself to be waiting for a 
serial killer to waltz in your living room and glomp you. Or demand food. Or threaten to slit your throat if you didn't let him sleep or cuddle. Depends on 
his mood. It was currently 3:36 PM, and he said he was going to be back around five - ish. 
Pouting, you stood, stretching your back after at least three hours of being hunched over with determination and stiff shoulders. The satisfying pop made
you moan, causing y
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Jeff The Killer x Reader - Can You Not {CHPT. 8}
"Make me." 

The killer glared down at you with unblinking eyes, frustrated and pissy. 
"{F/N} I promise to beat you with a stick if you don't let me just taking a fucking nap!" 
You smirked, taking up the bed so he couldn't lay. "But you slept already." 
"But I want to sleep more!" 

When you didn't move, you felt a heavy weight on your back as he lay on you. Struggling to get
air, you gently hit his forearm. "Jeff  . . . Are you trying to kill me?!"
"That was my original intention, yes." 
"Oh, fuck me!" You moaned out in misery, squirming beneath the man atop of you. "With a knife!"
You could hear his laugh, "Didn't know you were into that, but I can make arrangements." 
Somehow, you managed to turn on your stomach, and to give you a break, Jeff had taken some of
his own weight by supporting himself with his hands and knees. You looked up at him and frowned.
"What?" H
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Jeff The Killer x Reader - Can You Not {CHPT. 7}
"Ah - choo!" 

It was hilarious to see a big, bad killer like this. You watched with amusement as he glared up at you, sprawled out over your bed, his sweater tossed
somewhere else after complaining about the uncomfortable heat. You handed him the boxers you would usually see him in for sleep and he gladly took
them. Poor guy. To be sick in the heat must be hard. But it was funny, too. 
You strolled over to the kitchen counter, you whipper out the thermometer. When you once again arrived by his side, you stuck it in his mouth and waited.
The usual 'beep beep' sounded and you looked at his temperature, your worries increasing rapidly when you saw a '106' on the tiny screen. "Holy shit." 
You muttered, speeding over to your laptop and searching the usual fever temperature for a young adult. 
"Although a fever is not an illness," You read out loud. Jeff shuffled in the bed behind you, probably trying to get in on the informati
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Jeff The Killer x Reader - Can You Not {CHPT. 6}
He was back that night. 
You were coming home, soaking wet from the rain and plastic bags in your hands filled with groceries. Jeff slumped into the living room couch, his
pale face illuminated by the flickering light of the TV. You set the groceries on the table and leaned against the door frame.
"How do you keep getting in?"
He slowly turned his head to look your way, his eyes meeting yours. He shrugged. "You have easy locks." 
Eyes still locked, you went over and sat next to him. His body shook when you sat on the cushion, waves of vibration sent through the furniture piece.
You glanced over to the TV, the bright screen in the darkness showing the news.
"This monster has not been caught yet!" The news anchorman huffed. "The FBI will says they are looking for ANYONE who has seen the killer to provide 
clues! We are asking the audience out there to please catch this killer, this monster, who is killing our people." 

"I'm a monster." Je
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Jeff The Killer x Reader - Can You Not {CHPT. 5}
The morning sunlight crept through the blinds, hitting your eyes. You scrowled, turning the other way. Your sleepy eyes met pale , bare shoulders.
Sighing quietly, you crept out from beneath the covers and snuck into the kitchen. You grabbed some toaster waffles, juice and began to make your
breakfast. Stopping momentarily, you skipped back to your bedroom and poked Jeff's shoulder.
"Yo." You said quietly. He grunted, nuzzling his face further into the pillow. You sighed, "Do you want breakfast before you go . .to . . um . . work?"
He was silent before speaking, "Fine.
Smiling, you waddled back into the kitchen and threw in some waffles for him. I wander what he's like in the morning. . .
You turned around to already see him at the table, hunched over, forehead pressed to the wooden surface. You jumped, nearly loosing your balance
and screaming. 
"Block dammit, how the hell are you so quiet?" You breathed out, shaky hands settling two waffles in each pl
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Jeff The Killer x Reader - Can You Not {CHPT. 4}
"{F/N}!!" You heard the front door fly open as your mother rushed in. She was a mess.
"Where were you last night?!" You snapped at her, and she backed away slightly. 
"Aw, don't be like that! I stayed the night over Kim's house because I could hardly even walk!" She began to laugh when she waltzed into the kitchen.
She saw the bread crumbs and such on the counter and table. "Did you have a friend over?" 
"Yeah . . he dropped by earlier." You swallowed hard, looking away. Your mother gave you a sneaky grin.
"Whom?" A mischievous smirk playing on her face. "Boyfriend? Did you two make l - o -  v - e ?" 
You felt like exploding. "M-Mom! He's just a friend!"
She walked to your side, helping you with dishes. "Where is he?" 
"Work . . ." If you call murdering people on a daily basis your job. 

She nodded in understanding before drying off her hands and skipping into the bathroom. She pouted before she shut the doo
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Jeff The Killer x Reader - Can You Not {CHPT. 3}
Jeff stared at your sleeping form, knife clenched in hand tightly. 
Sure, he could plunge the blade straight through your chest now, but it's not that easy. Especially when you've sparked his interest tremendously.
First of all, you didn't scream in terror the moment you saw him. Second, you didn't try to kill him because he's a serial killer in your bedroom. Third, why
didn't you call someone? He'll probably never know. But what amazed him the most is that you didn't act scared. 
But he wanted you to be scared.
And this bugged him - so he promised he'd find a way to make you scared.
Maybe then he'll be able kill you. 
The harsh sunlight hit your eyes, causing you to flinch. Who opened the blinds? 
Who's in here?!

You sat up straight before groaning, clenching your back. You remembered you had slept on the floor. . and Jeff's here - wait. 
Looking around, you didn't see him. Your eyes widened and you heart sank a bit. You didn't
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Jeff The Killer x Reader - Can You Not {CHPT. 2}
You glanced over to him for the fifth time in two minutes. (You counted)
How did this start again? 
"A - Are you laughing?! YOU BROKE INTO MY HOUSE AND YOU'RE LAUGHING?!" You shouted angrily. The dude stopped laughing immediately and
his face went dark. He gave you a cold look. 

"Don't yell at me. Or hit me. Ever again , you brat." He sneered, cupping your face with one hand and making you look him in the eye. You gulped and nodded,

too shocked by his outburst to do or say anything. His face was suddenly inches away from yours, and you could feel the top of your noses touch. You flushed
madly, but his expression didn't waver.

"Promise me." He said darkly. Your eyes widened.
"P - Promise . . ?" You squeaked. His grip loosened and he pulled his hand away. You rubbed your cheeks with a pout. He turned to you.

"Now make me some dinner, you useless house maid." 

Your eye twitched as y
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Jeff The Killer x Reader - Can You Not {CHPT. 1}
You rolled your eyes as you fanned yourself in the heat.
God, it's hot.
"Yo, {F/N}!" Your friend called out to you. He chucked you a can of root beer. "Can't fuckin' beat this heat, man!"
You rolled your eyes, swiftly opening the can and gulping down the drink. The suds burned your throat and send a pleasurable, refreshing wave of
coolness through your mouth. 
"Hmm, Cole . . . Stop bitching. We can go inside once the house is cleared." You stated, looking out into the forest. Temptation to just run inside of it
and splash around in stream was pushed away. 
Cole groaned, his head rolling back. You could see a drop of sweat roll down his temple and catch in his hair. You sighed, grabbing a rag and dipping it
in ice cold water before whipping it his way. It landed perfectly on his face, where you could hear the satisfied moan from beneath the fabric. You smiled
at your doing and continued to gulp down your root beer. 
Cole's phone beeped, causing minor interruption as you b
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Violent Lovers Sequel : Chapter Seventeen {FINAL}
Where do we start now?
Jane is dead.
It's been three days since she died.
Sometimes after a certain amount of time, you get attached to something. It can be anything. Whether it's a habit, an object, or a story like this one. 
A story where a killer that came from someone's imagination gets taken away by a fan and put into some story about a girl who ends up falling for him.
And he falls for her, too. 
There's some drama, but it ends one way or another. See? Jane , the source of that problem and drama, is dead. She is wiped out. There is no more 
drama. She was the reason why Jeff and Sally could not happily be together. Now they can be.
Therefor , there is nothing else to write about.
So I'll tell you this;
Jeff and Sally got their happy ending. 
Now, let your imagination run wild.
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Violent Lovers Sequel : Chapter Sixteen
Jane sat on the porch, her black eyes staring out into the forest. She sniffled while playing with her hair. It wasn't fair. It wasn't fair.
"Jane, are you alright?" A hand landed on her shoulder. She looked at it, the petite fingers and doll like structure. She turned around to see Scarlet,
who sat down beside her. Jane looked down at her shoes, before her eyes narrowed while trying to hold back tears. She blinked. Scarlet sat there,
empty sockets turned in her direction. 
"No." Jane sniffed, "Jeff's a man whore." She spat out his name with such venom, it made Scarlet wince. The doll looked at her lap, thinking of what to
"He's not . . he's not all that bad. He's just a bit confused right now." Scarlet attempted to make her feel better, but Jane stood and ignored her. Scarlet
looked up and huffed. Jane hissed out a swear and trudged inside. Scarlet just looked at her as she stormed through the house and upstairs. 
"Oh .. dear . ." She sighed to herse
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Violent Lovers Sequel : Chapter fifteen
Jeff grunted while Kelly lay in his lap, half asleep. He wasn't exactly cool with a kid sprawled out over him. He looked down at her, his hands rubbing 
soothing circles into her short alibno hair. She let out a noise that sounded like purr, making him shiver. God, these kids were weird. Winter was out
hunting for the first time with her father and Scarlet had fallen asleep. Jane was doing god knows what and Sally disappeared after dinner. 
Once Kelly's body had finally gone limp and he received satisfying, sleepy breaths from her, he scooped her up and went upstairs. He tried his best to
be quiet because of Scarlet while trying not to let Kelly's small body fall out of his grasp. And he mother fucking swears, if Masky decides to show up 
with some poor excuse to make noise that boy will not live to see another day. Jeff kicked the door to the girl's room with his foot before entering the
darkness and placing her on the sheets. Once she was tucking it, (or at
:iconfirefliy:Firefliy 30 21
Violent lovers Sequel : Chapter Fourteen.
"Visit?" She piped up at the word, fidgeting in her seat.
"Well, yes . . Jeffrey has requested you come back with him for a short amount of time." Seeder nodded, bowing to her. "With my accompany, of course."
"Oh. You're coming? Why?" Sally asked, taking another sup of her tea. Tea.. 
"Dressing, bathing, cooking, eating, guarding.. etc." He said casually. She gaped, "Why, I outta!"
Seeder sighed, "You'll have to deal with it." Then, he bowed and left.
She fumed. 
"She's what?" Jane snorted, hiking her boots up on the wooden table. Slender grumbled.
"Yes, Jane, she's coming to visit and could you please get your feet off the table!?" He huffed, pushing them off. Jane scoffed, leaning forward and 
took another bite of the pizza. Her protruding belly refused to let her sit straight. Jeff eyed it. 
Jane took notice, "So what are we naming her?"
"Well.. yeah."
He groaned.
"Oh, so it's a girl now?"
Jane glared, "Yes. It's a girl."
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